Designer Stretch Ceilings
Reflect the style and character of your home
Value your time — give it to your loved ones, and leave the hassle with ceilings to us
eco-friendly premium materials that do not support combustion
implementation of projects of any complexity
professional, punctual, and courteous staff
no need to prepare the surface in advance, no dust or dirt
the installation of ceilings throughout the apartment takes just 1 day
Our mission is to adorn a maximum number of homes, apartments, offices, and other spaces with safe and stylish stretch ceilings
We value your time
Measurement and consultation at your convenient time, contract on-site, prompt installation
Technological solutions
We combine advanced profile systems and modern lighting solutions in your projects
Author's supervision
A technical expert accompanies the implementation of your project at all stages of installation
Premium materials
We only use certified, environmentally friendly canvases that do not support combustion
Quality installation
We only use certified, environmentally friendly canvases that do not support combustion
Official warranty
We provide a 12-year warranty for the installed canvas
We create stylish designer ceilings for you
Ceiling design in the «White Sails»
Residential Complex
Ceiling design in the «Hidden»
Residential Complex
White glossy ceiling adds volume to the room, visually enlarges it and makes it brighter
White flat matt ceiling emphasizes the stylish and laconic design of the room
Ceiling design in the "Chkalov Tower"
residential complex
Ceiling design in the «Prestige Hall»
Residential Complex
Black glossy ceiling with contour lighting complements the stylish design in the room of a teenager,
emphasizing his character
The beige satin ceiling with soft lighting and level transitions complements the design of the room and gives it coziness.
Ceiling design in the «Altair» residential
Multilevel stretch ceiling with backlighting and hidden cornice fits perfectly into the classic interior of
the living room
Ceiling design in the «Manhattan»
residential complex
White glossy ceiling with high ceiling beadboard and soft lighting accentuate the classic design of the bedroom
Ceiling design in a private house
Stylish matte ceiling with magnetic track lighting and concealed curtain rod emphasizes the classic, laconic interior of the room
Ceiling design in the «Graf» residential
Ceiling design in the «Karkashadze»
Residential Complex
White matte ceiling with magnetic tracks, contour lighting and concealed curtain rod accentuate the stylish design of the room
The design of the room is made in loft style. We used black glossy ceiling to visually increase the height
of the room, and contour lighting emphasizes the stylish design
We actively participate in your project
We will select the optimal technical solution for the existing design project.

And if you are still in search, we will help create a project and visualize your future ceiling
Trendy ceiling systems
Fabric ceilings
from 400 uah
Glossy ceilings
from 400 uah
Satin ceilings
from 400 uah
Matte ceilings
from 400 uah
Suspended stretch ceilings
from 800 uah
Shadow stretch ceilings
from 800 uah
Seamless stretch ceilings
from 800 uah
Stretch ceilings with photo printing
from 1200 uah
Recesses in stretch ceilings
from 2000 uah
Light lines in a stretch ceiling
from 1200 uah
Magnetic tracks
from 3000 uah
Illuminated stretch ceilings
from 800 uah
Concealed cornice with backlighting
from 1200 uah
Multilevel stretch ceilings
from 1200 uah
Carved stretch ceilings
from 1000 uah
Tension walls
from 1600 uah
We value your time and always provide accurate cost estimates for our products and services. To determine the cost of a stretch ceiling, it is necessary to inspect the site by our technician and discuss with you all technical solutions. The price depends on various factors, including the ceiling material, lighting type, and profiles. Invite our expert for precise measurements of the space and a calculation of the ceiling cost
Cost per square meter of ceiling
«Atmosphere of comfort»
When ordering a stretch ceiling with the 'concealed cornice with backlighting' profile, a warm LED strip is included with a 40% discount.
«Light Path»
Illuminate your home with stretch ceilings from Relife! Order stretch ceilings worth over 30,000 UAH and receive an exclusive 'Light Path' profile for the corridor as a gift!
10% discount when ordering a stretch ceiling during your birthday week
«Order the installation of a stretch ceiling within two months and receive a 12% discount»
10% discount when ordering a stretch ceiling during your birthday week
«Bright Start»
Order a stretch ceiling for the amount of 15000gns and get a set of 6 lamps as a gift!
Safe collaboration with RELIFE
We operate officially
○ We sign a contract
○ Quality certificates
○ Fixed cost
○ Completion report
○ Warranty service
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Relife – Your reliable partner in the field of stretch ceilings and designer lighting
Relife has been successfully operating in the stretch ceiling market since 2003 and has earned a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. Relife stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for people who value their time and prioritize quality and service. Each year, we continue to evolve and successfully implement the latest advancements and innovations in the world of stretch ceilings.
Our specialists approach each project individually, meticulously working on it and paying special attention to the quality service of each client. We always have the entire range of materials and components in stock, allowing us to promptly install ceilings of any complexity and configuration.

Relife - the best stretch ceilings!

The distinguishing feature of our company is the consistent focus on high-quality materials and the expertise of our professionals. This combination guarantees you an exceptional end product that meets the highest industry standards. Choosing us means choosing reliability and impeccable quality!
Competence, honesty, quality, and professionalism are the foundation of Relife company
Our team strives to bring to life your boldest and unique ideas, courageously pushing the boundaries of what's possible and turning into reality concepts that may seem incredible!!!

Roman Korshunov
Head of Relife
Working with us is easy and straightforward!
  1. Application
How to order ceilings
Leave an application on the website or call
2. Measurement
Coordinate the ceiling design with the technician
3. Contract
Sign the contract right at the site or at our office
4. Installation
Be inspired by your perfect ceiling
Thank you for choosing RELIFE and recommending us to your friends!
Serhiy Kelyushok
The owner of the hotel complex "NEMO"
Since 2013, Relife has been a reliable partner for us in implementing our projects. Over the years, Relife has proven itself as a company with an outstanding level of responsibility and 24/7 technical support. Their ability to solve complex technical tasks and bring to life the boldest ideas of our designers is particularly impressive. I confidently recommend Relife as a professional, reliable, and honest performer. I wish the company continued growth and prosperity.
Bohdan Lutsyk
The manager of "Maristella Marine Residence"
I first became acquainted with Relife in 2009, and since then, our cooperation began. From the very beginning, the Relife team has shown themselves to be highly qualified professionals with a responsible approach to business and attention to each of our requests. Over the years of working together, we have not only developed business relationships but also warm friendships. I especially appreciate their promptness in resolving any issues — there has never been a situation where Relife let us down. I am confident that our effective and mutually beneficial cooperation will continue for many years.
Yekaterina Belova
Head of the Human Resources Department at UMZ
Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation! I'm delighted to hear that you are satisfied with the quality of our work and the beautiful ceilings, especially the one with the light lines in the living room. It's always our goal to provide professional and creative solutions to meet our clients' expectations. Working with such reliable and competent professionals is truly a pleasure. If you have any further needs or questions, feel free to reach out. We look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations in the future!
Oleksandra Konovalenko
Manager at "Basis Auto" company
Thank you, Relife, for the wonderful stretch ceilings! After a series of unpleasant experiences with contractors during the renovation process, collaborating with "RELIFE" became a true bright spot! Many thanks to the team for their professionalism, efficiency, and integrity! The electricians who worked at our place left, and the guys were very helpful, not only connecting the lighting but also the sockets.
Yuriy Strunin
An entrepreneur
As a business owner, I value quality, efficiency, and promptness, and that's exactly what I found in the company Relife. Their team professionally handled the installation of stretch ceilings in my office and apartment, creating the perfect blend of style and functionality. Special thanks to the head of Relife, Roman, for the technical consultation and active participation in implementing my unconventional project! I wish the team continued development and prosperity!
Zhylianska str 68
Osypova str 30
Work schedule:
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 19:00
Sat: 09:00 - 17:00 PM
Sun: Closed
Work schedule:
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 19:00
Sat: 09:00 - 17:00 PM
Sun: Closed
Osypova str 30
Zhylianska str 68